Dakota Decoys X-Treme Mallard Dabbler Duck Decoys 6 Pack


The X-Treme Mallard Dabbler Duck 6 Pack by Dakota Decoys are some of the finest gunning decoys on the market. They are the perfect compliment to round out your rig.

These new Rester mallards have a unique recessed weighted keel design which gives the superior movement. The recessed keel allows you to use these decoys on ice shelves on the shore or in your field rig! Its like buying two decoys in one as they are so versatile.

The 6 pack includes 3 Drakes and 3 Hens. (3 Resting 3 Dabbling/Feeding). Flocked Head Drakes.

The Dakota X-Treme Mallard Dabbler (6 Pack) by Dakota Decoys are one of the best ideas that we have ever seen in the duck decoy world!