Duck Hunting

Ricochet Outdoors is your leading duck hunting store in Central Arkansas. From guns to gear and everything in between, we sell the highest quality gear that survives every hunt and lives to tell the tale. So, whether you’re hunting in the timber or the field, come in today to find the gear you need for all your duck hunting trips.

An Arsenal for the Hunt Ahead

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right gear for the perfect hunt. We’ve got just what you need to make your next trip one to remember. Stop by our store today and talk with the team for the knowledge and experience that’ll get you prepared to be on your game and hit your limit.

Guns & Ammo

There’s a certain gun and the right ammo that’s best for every hunter. It all depends on what kind of waterfowl you’re hunting. We’ll help you choose the right fit from our top-of-the-line gun and ammo brands, such as Browning and Retay. So you’ll have the reliability, durability, and affordability when you need them most for an outstanding season.

Duck Calls

Duck calling is a must-have skill for hunters of every age. We sell everything from top brands, such as, Rich & Tone and Echo Calls to the locally made, highest quality, small shop duck calls. Whether you want to be super loud in the field or get down low and raspy in the woods – we have the duck call for you.


You’ve got the right gun, ammo, and call, but there’s plenty more on the list. Don’t forget about a durable case, blinds, and duck decoys. And if you’re bringing along man’s best friend, we’ve got sporting dog gear too.

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Why Choose Us

Whether you’re just getting interested in hunting or a seasoned pro, our crew is ready to help. We’re lifelong hunters and have a passion for this industry. As the leading duck hunting store in Central Arkansas, you can count on us for unmatched expertise. We can’t wait to see you.